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A warriors role-play based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   8/5/2011, 15:16

These are the site rules. You are qualified to read them, and no exceptions will be given if you break them. If in doubt of whether or not something you'd like to post is within the rules, ask the staff. We're happy to help anyone who makes an effort to follow the rules.

  1. Follow and read all rules.
    Some feel they know all the rules and don't need to read them. Well, guess what. You don't know them and you do need to read them.
  2. Keep everything PG.
    On occasion, PG13 will be allowed, but only with staff permission. If you need a guide on what qualifies as 'PG', please ask the staff.
  3. No flaming, picking fights, or anything of the sort.
    Arguing and such is allowed in role-play, but unless debating something, please do not fight with other members.
  4. Do not spam.
    By 'spam', we mean posting pointless messages. Also, please do not post twice in a row in the same topic unless 24 hours have passed.
  5. Do not be rude or disrespectful.
  6. No theft of any sort.
    This includes copyright, avatar theft, etc. If you are using a default avatar, this does not count as avatar theft.
  7. Do not role-play in the chat-box.
    The forum is for role-playing. The chat-box is for chatting.
  8. No swearing - extremely mild swearing allowed.
    Swear, and you are immediately banned, if only for a limited time. By "extremely mild", we mean that, if you swear, it would have to be a swear mild enough to be in a PG movie.
  9. No multiple accounts.
    The consequences for breaking this rule are severe.
  10. Do not discuss religion or other sensitive topics.
    It can be offensive to some people.
  11. Do not take offense if a staff member gives you a warning or tells you off.
    We are only doing our jobs. It doesn't mean we don't like you, it means you've done something that should be corrected.
  12. Do not ask or reveal person information.
    This rule is only here for your safety. If we thought it was safe for you to give away your phone number, we wouldn't have this rule.
  13. Do not role-play with asterisks. (*)
    This is messy, and we prefer that you role-play in complete sentences rather than with asterisks.
  14. No power playing.
    This means, do not try to control other members' characters. Ask before killing or maiming another member's character.
  15. Be realistic.
    You do not have powers. Your eyes are not rainbow. This is the real world.
  16. Have no more than ten characters at a time.
    You can kill or abandon one character to create another, if you have already reached this limit.
  17. Do not ask to become a staff member.
    We will ask you. Being part of the staff is a big responsibility and we must know you pretty well for you to become one.
  18. The staff's word is law.
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Site Rules
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