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 How to Battle

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PostSubject: How to Battle   8/5/2011, 15:13

Battling is somewhat complicated and it takes practice. To be fair, hit power/accuracy and fleeing is chosen completely randomly. You are only allowed to battle certain ranks, to be fair to weaker characters.
You cannot battle with Quick Reply. To get into Full Reply, click Preview on the quick reply.

Kits can only battle others kits
Apprentices and To-bes:
Apprentices and to-bes can only battle others of their rank
Warriors, Cave Guards, Leaders, Deputies, Loners, Rogues and Hunters:
These ranks can only battle each other. They can also attack kittypets.
Kittypets can battle any other ranks but since they have no battle training, they must roll a special die for their chance of winning.

Click in the choices for Bold, Italics, etc. underneath the Post/Topic Title bar. Kittypets have to roll ALL the dice, while any other ranks roll all but the Kittypet Die.
Below the Preview, Draft and Send buttons should be a tab that says Status. Click the on the far right of the word Status if it's there. If not, should appear or you have not activated your Status sheet. This can be generated in your Profile under Status.
Once you have opened Status, click the three times if you're a kittypet and two times if you are not. If you are a kittypet, choose one of each die for each Status #. If you are not a kittypet, choose all dice except for the Kittypet Die.

Send your message, with or without text. If you send a message with your text, do NOT include anything about your cat attacking, because we don't know if your attack hit or not.

Hit Accuracy: The hit accuracy tells whether or not your cat's attack hits. If you roll a 3 or below the attack misses. A 6, and it hits full-power, 5, it hits half-power, and 4, it hits with one fourth of the original hit's power. If your hit does an odd number of damage points, the greater half of the damage is reduced.

Hit Power: This shows how strong the attack will be. 1 = 1 damage, 2 = 3 damage, 3 = 5 damage, 4 = 10 damage, 5 = 15 damage, and 6 = 20 damage, a full-power hit.

Flee Chance: If your cat wants to flee from the battle, this is the die to look at. Roll a 4 or below and you can't flee, a 5 and you can flee but you suffer 5 damage points, and a 6 means you escape unscathed.

Kittypet Die: Only kittypets can roll this die if they have survived less than 3 battles. Since kittypets are inexperienced in battle, this affects their chance of winning. Roll a 1 and you can only flee, a 2 and your maximum hit power is reduced to 10, and if you roll a 3, you have the same benefits as your opponent in battle.

Battling can be extremely confusing so if you have any questions at all please contact a moderator or administrator.
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How to Battle
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