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A warriors role-play based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter
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 Basic FAQ

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PostSubject: Basic FAQ   8/5/2011, 15:12

Please look here before asking any questions.

Why can't I login?
Make sure you've registered and activated your account before trying to login. If that's not it, you might have been banned. A message should appear if you have. If you've forgotten you're password, try resetting it here.

What is a hidden user and how do I become one?
A hidden user can only be seen by the site moderators and administrators. To become one, go to your profile. In Preferences you should see the option "Hide my online status." Choose yes and you will become a hidden user.

How do I change the time?
In your profile, go to Preferences and scroll down to the timezone.

How do I get a profile picture?
In your profile, go to Avatar. Your avatar is your profile picture, and usually says something about you. Make sure your avatar is the right size; it will be resized otherwise.

How do I change my rank?
Your rank can't be changed unless you become a community helper, moderator, or administrator.

How do I post?
You aren't allowed to post in a few sections on our forum. If that isn't the problem, try pressing this button or this button on the left side of the screen in a section. Make sure you're in a forum, not a category, before posting.

How do I edit or delete a post?
Unless you are an administrator, moderator, or community helper, you can't edit or delete other members' posts. You can only edit your own, and you can only edit them for up to a half hour since you posted.

How do I get a signature?
In your profile, go to preferences and make sure "Always attach my signature" is checked. Then edit your signature and save it. Unless you aren't allowed to show your signature, you should have one.

How do I create a poll?
First make a regular post. Then scroll down just below Options and select Add a Poll. Edit the poll options and post.

Can I use HTML?
As long as "Always allow HTML" is checked in your profile, then yes, you can use HTML.

What are sticky topics?
Sticky topics are important, but not quite important enough to call announcements.

What are locked topics?
Only administrators and moderators can post in locked topics. The topics have been locked because they no longer serve a purpose, etc.

What are the ranks and groups?
Ranks are for more important users, such as community helpers, moderators, and administrators. Groups help identify what you are in role-play, etc. By clicking here, you can see a list of groups and their members.

How do I join a group?
Go to the groups page and select the group you would like to join. You aren't allowed to join some groups without an invitation. When you've found the group to join, click "Join group" to join. A notice will be sent to the group moderator and your request will either be accepted or denied.

What is a group moderator and how do I become one?
A group moderator controls which members join the group he or she moderates. They control their group(s). Administrators can also modify their groups, but the group moderator is mainly in charge.
If we think you're fit to be a group moderator, we'll contact you. Usually only moderators or administrators become group moderators. However, if you request a specific group, you will be that group's moderator.

How do I report a post?
When someone posts, you should see the quote button on the right side of their post. Near that is the report button. By clicking that, you will see a list of reasons why to report that post. If you choose "Other," please message an administrator or moderator with the reason why.

Why can't I report posts?
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Basic FAQ
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